Open X officially opened: 'I see lots of opportunities'

Open X has been officially opened, in the presence of 120 guests. After Jacomine Ravensbergen of the Executive Board and Open X ‘founding fathers’ Mario van Rijn and Rene van der Burgt had pressed the red button, the guests were able to admire the new location connecting education, research and entrepreneurship.

Opening OpenX Avans

Acting chair of the Executive Board Jacomine Ravensbergen explains why this wing of the Avans building on Hogeschoollaan, over 5000 m2 in size, has been thoroughly rebuilt: “As a knowledge-based institution, our ambition is to contribute to the challenges facing society today. Open X is the physical expression of that ambition, and forms a bridge between Avans as a knowledge-based institution and the world beyond our university of applied sciences. By engaging in collaboration between disciplines, thinking outside the box and embracing discovery, we are making our ambitious plans a reality.”

(English subtitles available)

Open X as an incubator

Mario van Rijn: “We face numerous challenges, but also opportunities. Open X is an incubator to help build a sustainable society together. To that end, we need connections, co-creation and courage. The slide is here for a reason, too: in order to create, you also need space to play, that’s just as important.”

Enthusiastic partners in the professional field

Avans’ partners in the professional field were also well represented at the event. They were full of praise for Open X and noted many opportunities. Mark Buijs, mayor of Oosterhout: “We need to build ecosystems to encourage innovation and bring people together. This is a place where that can be done.”

Juultje van Wijk, director of the Rabobank cooperative for Breda and Amerstreek, is also enthusiastic: “I see lots of opportunities to invite entrepreneurs here to discuss issues with students, build communities and boost innovation.”

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