Student associations

We have various student associations.


Alpha-Breda is a Christian students’ society for all university students in Breda (i.e. not just for NHTV or Avans). When starting a study programme, you will be promoted to think about your principles, motivation, background and goals. About your life and its meaning. As a student you face many new challenges. Some things you keep to yourself; other things you share with your friends, with people who know how you feel and what you mean. Fellow students. New friends, with new ideas.

The core activity of Alpha-Breda is the weekly bible study. During these evenings we share a meal and sing together, and there are always plenty of opportunities to exchange ideas. For instance: about freedom, development or your study. Besides bible studies and discussion evenings, the society also organises (national) conferences and weekends. For students who want to take on a more active role within the society, there is the opportunity to serve on the governing committee or set up a sub-committee (e.g. a gala committee, bible group committee, sports committee, international committee, etc.).

Alpha-Breda is not an isolated students’ society. Almost every university city has an Alpha students’ society. This means that you come into contact not only with students from your own town, but also with fellow students from cities like Den Bosch, Leeuwarden, The Hague, and so on. Moreover, Alpha-Breda, via Alpha-Netherlands, is affiliated with the IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students): an international organisation of Christian students’ societies. Alpha-Breda therefore has an international aspect too, making it possible to meet or visit students or guest speakers from abroad.

Want to find out more about Alpha-Breda? If so please contact the chairperson:
Klaas Kousemaker.

s.v. Animoso

The students’ society s.v. Animoso would like to warmly welcome you to the Netherlands and wish you every success with your studies at Avans.

s.v. Animoso is open to all students attending Avans University of Applied Sciences, and we would like to tell you a bit about ourselves.

Since our establishment in 1985, s.v. Animoso has offered students fun and friendship during their studies in the city of ’s-Hertogenbosch. We are a society that likes to enjoy ourselves with a beer in our hand. We therefore organise parties, a Christmas gala, sailing weekends, (themed) pub evenings and a members’ weekend. Whether or not you will be living in ’s-Hertogenbosch, all these activities are the perfect addition to your student life.

If you want to have some fun besides studying, and if you would like to meet other students, why not come to one of our parties? They are advertised in advance on posters and flyers.

If you would like to receive more information (in English) send an e-mail to the following address:


Meronis means ENJOYING LIFE. And we take this meaning very literally within our students’ society. Meronis was founded in 1998 and has grown steadily ever since. We are now a welcoming group of friends with around 100 members, where anything goes.

Meronis is active within the School of Management and Governance and Legal Studies. If you are intending to follow a study programme at the School, you will certainly come across Meronis during the introduction day. Our members always turn this day into a huge party.

Meronis organises a fabulous annual gala, as well as exciting parties four times a year: examples include the After Intro Party, fund-raising parties and the Tropical Party. All these festivities take place at our local pub, Café Jeronimus, on the main marketplace in ’s-Hertogenbosch.

As well as all these parties, there are also various ‘Meronis goes….’ events. These events involve the members doing something fun together, like the ‘Meronis goes Gambling’ or the ‘Meronis goes Camping’.

Every first Wednesday of the month, Meronis members meet for a drink in Café Jeronimus in ’s-Hertogenbosch.

Want to find out more about Meronis? Check out our website or send an e-mail to