Admission requirements

Before you apply to Avans University of Applied Sciences for a study programme, you should read through the applicable admission requirements carefully to ensure that you can meet all of these requirements.

Check the specific requirements for your study programme. And check the information below on diploma requirements, English language requirements and Dutch language requirements in case you intend to apply for a programme in Dutch.

Diploma requirements

A Dutch higher general secondary education, pre-university level or intermediate vocational education diploma ór equivalent international diploma is generally required.
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English language requirements

Avans has set minimum English language requirements for foreign students. These requirements will vary depending on whether you plan to join us as an exchange student or a degree-seeking student.
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English language requirements foreign exchange students

To maintain high standards of English language skills in our international classrooms and to comply with Dutch national guidelines, Avans has set minimum language requirements for foreign exchange students. It is your responsibility to ensure that you satisfy these requirements.
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Dutch language

You intend to apply for a study programme in Dutch. Check out the Dutch language requirements.
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