Introduction days

Avans University of Applied Sciences has a short introduction programme in place for international students who will start their studies in September 2017. The introduction will take place on the campus where you will attend classes.

Please note that this introduction and orientation programme is compulsory. You are therefore advised to make sure you are in the Netherlands no later than Monday, 21 August.


You will receive an invitation email from the International Office following your acceptance. This will provide you with a detailed overview of the day’s programme. If you have been guaranteed accommodation through Avans, you will sign your lease and receive your keys on this day.

Birth certificate

Please remember to bring your birth certificate for registration at city hall. You are required to submit a copy in the Dutch, English, French or German language.

If this copy is a translation of your birth certificate, you will need to have it authenticated with an apostille stamp from a sworn translator. An apostille stamp is always square or rectangular. The text ‘Apostille, Convention de La Haye’ appears at the top. You can obtain an apostille stamp from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country of birth.