Teaching English Abroad

These days, even young children experience that they are global citizens. Understanding and speaking the English language is becoming a skill that is required at an even earlier age.

Drama, music and arts

This exchange programme teaches you as a trainee teacher what you can do to improve the English knowledge of primary school pupils. You will get input on how to implement methodological language teaching theories and on how to incorporate drama, music and arts into your English language lessons.

International exchange programme

In this international programme, you will encounter students from different countries with a shared wish: teaching young children English using all possible methods. Together, you will exchange ideas about teaching English at primary schools. You will be relying on input you got at your home university, combined with new insights gained from lecturers and guest lecturers in English, Music, Drama and Art at Avans University of Applied Sciences.

Teaching English Abroad is part of the Bachelor of Education in Primary Schools programme at the School of Social Work, Education and Health in Breda.