Sustainable Entrepreneurship

The core of the Sustainable Entrepreneurship programme is a multidisciplinary group project, which involves working for a governmental organisation or company that wants to become more sustainable or further develop and implement a biobased technology. As a group, you will be asked to draw up a technical and business plan and to issue advice to your client. Your group will consist of four to five students with a variety of backgrounds in technical disciplines, environmental science and economics. 

A range of resources is available to help you participate in discussions on sustainable entrepreneurship and prepare an excellent plan and advice for your client: 
  • Your group will have weekly meetings with a lecturer who will act as your group tutor.
  • You will have the opportunity to confer with technical and economic specialists. 
  • You will attend several skills workshops. 
  • You will take a number of courses and training sessions, depending on your educational background. 

This exchange programme is a cooperation between the School of Life Sciences and  Technology and the School of Business and Entrepreneurship.