Minor Master of Sales

You want to work in a business-to-business, business-to-consumer or a retail environment. You are drawn to employment with an advertising agency or possibly a tech company. Perhaps you are interested in becoming an account manager, broker or a buyer in something as exciting as the fashion industry. The possibilities are endless!

Knowledge and skills training

Whatever your career will be, your position will require you to convince others of your ideas, vision, services or products. Whether they are your colleagues, managers, suppliers or customers. 

The commercial world is becoming increasingly complex. This is why companies need people with the skill to manage and maintain customer relationships and create partnerships. To make the right choices and be convincing in such a dynamic commercial environment, you need to have expertise in sales strategies and the ability to manage contrasting views, interests and perspectives.

This minor Master of Sales will teach you about important sales processes and strategies within a commercial environment. It will also help you to optimise your sales skills and negotiation techniques. You will learn transferable skills that are applicable in both business and private situations. 

At the end of this minor, you will be able to:
1.    develop and execute an international sales and account strategy
2.    conduct a convincing and structured sales conversation
3.    make effective use of negotiation skills and competences

This minor forms part of the Bachelor of Entrepreneurship and Retail Management study programme.