International Entrepreneurship

1. You must have at least year 2 knowledge of Business Education. If you are a year 3 or year 4 student with a technical education who is motivated to do self-study in basic managerial and financial topics, an interview may be part of your admission procedure.

2. You need to provide a motivation letter or video explaining why you want to study this exchange programme.

3. You need to provide a statement from your university confirming that you have followed a full-time English study programme for 2 years or that your level of English is equal to an IELTS score of 6.0. This equals CEFR B2 level. For motivated students with an IELTS score lower than 6.0 an interview may be part of the admission procedure. For detailed information, please read the English Language Requirements page.

Please note that enrolment for this programme will depend on availability and will be assessed by the Avans minor coordinator. You are obliged to participate in all modules of the programme and in both the individual and the group work assignments.