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You think big, bigger, biggest. In the Industrial Engineering & Management study programme you focus entirely on international maintenance management.

Every day, hundreds of people board aeroplanes. You are responsible for ensuring that these planes are in a good state of repair. You manage the maintenance of large ships, sustainable energy generation, or machines in factories. Not just for technical companies, but also in the care sector and for the government. You do not carry out maintenance yourself, but ensure that it takes place. And convince management that it is necessary.

You have a flair for technology. You enjoy working with people from around the world. You are quick to see how machines or processes work. You understand what steps you need to take. You are also keen to look beyond borders. You are confident, have self-belief and persuasive powers. And you approach your tasks responsibly.

All classes are taught in English. Naturally, the key areas are technology and maintenance. But also management, leadership and negotiation. You will draw up cost projections, schedules and reports. And give presentations in English. You will visit various companies in the Netherlands and abroad. And carry out practical assignments for them.

You will graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree. This programme is NVAO-accredited. INT

Programme features

More about this study programme

What will you be trained to do

Your job

As a Bachelor of Science, you will be able to work anywhere in the world. In aviation, shipping, energy or infrastructure. For commercial or non-profit companies. For example, you could lead a maintenance team. Or work as a maintenance consultant responsible for maintaining a refinery, power plant or wind farm. Your career prospects will be excellent.

In a number of sectors, the demand for maintenance experts is growing. They are needed in ever increasing numbers. Due to technical developments and the recession. The Netherlands is also continuing to attract a lot of attention in this area, and deliberately so. We are happy to be at the forefront of maintenance.

You will be sure to find a challenging job quickly. You can go and work with aeroplanes at airports. With solar panels. Drilling rigs. Water treatment plants. Or medical equipment.

Potential careers after the programme

Maintenance Consultant

For companies that have outsourced maintenance (knowledge).

Maintenance Manager

Head of a maintenance department within a (production) company.

(Assistant) Project Manager

Large-scale installation maintenance is often carries out in a project-based manner. This is the case with refineries and power plants, for example. These big jobs often involve hundreds of (outside) people.

Reliability Engineer

Optimisation of maintenance and management programmes.

Asset Manager

An asset manager is responsible for the lifespan of a production resource (asset). Its acquisition, introduction and, finally, removal determine this lifespan. Together with the maintenance of the asset.

What is expected of you

You have a flair for technology. You enjoy working with people from around the world. You are quick to see how machines or processes work. You understand what steps you need to take. You are also keen to look beyond borders. You are confident, have self-belief and persuasive powers. And you approach your tasks responsibly.

Follow-up education

Maintenance is a relatively new specialism. It is developing all the time. Master's programmes in maintenance are also being developed. Not only at foreign universities, but in the Netherlands as well. Our programme has been designed to allow you to carry on studying. And take your Master's in Maintenance in two years.

Programme structure Industrial Engineering & Management

Study programme

You will study complex technical systems in depth. You will know what you are talking about when you design and record maintenance procedures. Or explain them to the engineers who will carry out the maintenance. You will learn to predict how long a machine will last. And when it is time for large-scale maintenance. So you can preclude risks and monitor safety. You will also learn about management structures. Planning and execution. Materials management. Cost analysis. And logistical matters.

Year 1

This study programme combines business management, technology and people-oriented subjects. Later you will work with complex technical systems. You will learn to establish a link between design and research, and to translate this into technical specifications. You will also learn to make sound predictions about service life and replacement, and to assess safety risks and quotations.

You must earn a minimum of 52 ECTS credits out of 60 in year 1 in order to progress to year 2.

Year 2

You will follow subjects in the field of business management. You will learn how to deal with management processes, implementation, quality control and logistical issues.

Maintenance is teamwork. That's why you will take classes on leadership, communication and project management. Because you will be working at an international level, you will study international business cultures in depth. And ergonomics, safety and health. You will usually carry out your research projects within companies.

Year 3

The student is on the move. You do both your Minor and your Internship in the same year in the order of your preference. You can do both Minor and Internship in the Netherlands or abroad. Because the programme operates on an international level, you will be motivated to go abroad. There are no limitations where you want to go! You can choose from a variety of Minors at different institutes. We also offer the Aerospace Minor at Avans that is a valuable addition to the IEM programme.

Year 4

In the first semester you will be back at school. Here you finish the strategic part of the programme. You will follow important management courses together with advanced statistical topics. You also learn about Asset design decisions in regards to future maintenance. Parallel you will perform a Research Project in Company. During the second period it is time for your final Graduation project, also in Company.

Admissions requirements Industrial Engineering & Management

  • Exam

  • Score

  • IELTS overall band
  • TOEFL computer based
  • TOEFL internet based

Read the detailed information on English language admissions requirements.

More about admission requirements

Prior education

The level of your prior education has to be equivalent to a Higher General Secondary Education level (Dutch havo) with science profile (physics and mathematics) and English or Pre-University Level (Dutch vwo) with science profile (physics and mathematics) and English.

In addition to the minimum diploma requirements, adequate knowledge of mathematics and physics is required.

If you are unsure whether you meet the admission requirements, please send us an email ([email protected]). If we are not familiar with your foreign diploma, NUFFIC, the Dutch organisation for international recognition of diploma, will check the level for us.


Lees meer over de studiekeuzecheck van Avans.

Practical Information Industrial Engineering & Management


Voor International Maintenance Management geldt een aangepaste aanmeldingsprocedure. Je meldt je eerst aan bij HZ University of Applied Sciences. Voor de opleiding Technische Bedrijfskunde. Daarna meld je je weer aan, nu bij Avans Hogeschool. Ook voor Technische Bedrijfskunde. Je geeft beide keren aan dat je de major IMM wilt volgen. Deze volgorde is belangrijk in verband met het betalen van collegegeld.

If you have decided to pursue this study programme you will need to register for it. Before you do, make sure you have informed yourself about our rules and regulations.

Please apply via our Dutch website if you are a Dutch student.

Application procedure

You must apply for this bachelor's degree programme via the Studielink website.

In addition to the application procedure via Studielink you must also send us several documents.

Be sure to keep an eye on the enrolment deadline. You will find the deadline on the page 'Admissions requirements' of this programme.

Start month Location Application deadline
September EEA 1 August 2024
September Non EEA 1 May 2024

Please note: applicants with a Dutch diploma must have applied by the 1st of May. Non-EEA students with a non-Dutch diploma also apply by the 1st of May. The deadline for EU students with a non-Dutch diploma is 31 August. When you meet the deadline you give Avans enough time to process your application and, if applicable, apply for a visa.

After application we will contact you to inform you on the further procedure.  


Scholarships are much sought after nowadays: nearly every student who decides to study abroad considers applying for one. Information about scholarships specific to Avans University of Applied Sciences can be found on our scholarship page

More information

For more information please contact Student Info on +31 (0) 88 525 75 50 or via this contact form.

Tuition fees

In the overview below you will find the tuition fee amounts that have been set for new students at Avans University of Applied Sciences.

Which of these 3 fees applies to you depends on the category you are in. In general, students from the European Economic Area (EEA) pay the statutory fee, while other students pay the institutional or non-EEA fee. Exchange students generally pay their tuition fees to their home institution and not to Avans.

Please check the tuition fees page for detailed information.

Fee Amount Year
Statutory fee € 2,314,- 2023 - 2024
Non-EER fee € 8,852,- 2023 - 2024
Institution fee € 8,852,- 2023 - 2024


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