Forensic professional Safety and Society

Throughout the programme, you will focus on both the individuals motivation for behavioral change and on desistance: the cessation of offending or other antisocial behavior. Also you will understand the safety of others and are able to act on different levels. The focus of the programme will be on developing knowledge and skills to be able to work with clients/patients and other stakeholders regarding safety and deviant behavior.

To understand and to be able to work within unsafe situations, you’ll have to able to look at safety in a wider perspective: on individual, extended families/groups, community and (inter)national level. But also on the different perspectives of safety: like emotional safety, social safety and physical safety. Questions such as how to act in unsafe situations, how to prevent them and how to work with crisis management are part of this program.

Multi-professional way of working

Therefore you will need different theoretical models of deviant behavior, rehabilitation, recovery and desistance and how they relate to safety. Skills in communication, crisis management, working alliance building or ethical skills are also needed. During the programme you will learn and develop a multi-professional way of working regarding safety and learn about the importance of interprofessional cooperation with chain partner institutions.

This way you can be an active promotor of just, peaceful and inclusive societies. And contribute to the sustainable development goal 16: promoting peaceful and inclusive societies, providing access to justice for all and building effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.