European Project Semester

The European Project Semester (EPS) is an international semester for third-year engineering and business students from different higher education institutes located predominantly in the European Union (EU). Some of the names of the institutions involved are stated in the chapter on Education, Erasmus exchange section, Partner institutions.

EPS in Europe

EPS was originally developed by the Engineering College of Copenhagen (IHK) in 1995 and has run at Avans University of Applied Sciences since Autumn 2002. In addition to Avans University of Applied Sciences and IHK, EPS is also offered by the Engineering College of Oslo, the Technical University of Lodz (Poland), Fachhochschule Kiel and the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

The course

During the semester you will work on an integrated engineering design and real-life business project at a company. All course project work and lectures will take place in the English language. The course is part of the Avans Industrial Engineering study programme at the School of Engineering and Information Technology in 's-Hertogenbosch.


This project has a study load of 30 ECTS credits. On successful completion of EPS you will obtain a special certificate. Foreign students have the option to spend a second semester studying at Avans University of Applied Sciences. This could lead up to a bachelor’s degree.

Promotional video

Check out the EPS promotional video, produced by our students.

The minor is part of the Industrial Engineering and Management bachelor programme at the Avans School of Technology and Design in Den Bosch.