International Sales & Account Management

In the first period you focus on trade marketing and international account management, the second period on negotiation.

Account Management & Trade Marketing

The main themes of the first period are Trade Marketing and International Account Management. In addition to these themes, a project will be carried out on behalf of a major international brand company that operates in the business-to-consumer market. You will develop your own new product for the chocolate market with your project group. Supported by market professionals, you will develop your sales materials and your story in order to successfully sell your own product to 2 retailers.

We will train you in personal selling skills during this period and will teach you how to create a sales toolkit to support the selling process.

Negotiation & Export and Account Plan

The theme of the second period will be negotiation. You will learn how to negotiate in a structured manner, how to convince other people and how to increase the effectiveness of your sales talks and negotiations. You will also create an export plan with your project group to export a product from a South-American or Asian company to the Netherlands.

You will write an export plan and an account plan for one of its potential accounts and advise the client on how to improve its business and working relationship to create a win-win situation.

Contents of the courses (30 ECTs)


  Courses ECTs
M1 M1: Global Account Management 2
  M1: Trade Marketing 1
  M1: Acquisition 2
  M1: Customer Financials 2
  M1: Sales Toolkit 3
  M1: English 1
  M1: Sales Talk Oral 4
  M1: Professional Conduct 1
M2 M2: Procurement & Negotiation 2
  M2: Export Management 1
  M2: English 1
  M2: Export Plan 5
  M2: Negotiation Skills 4
  M2: Professional Conduct 1

M1 is the first part of the minor. M2 the second part of the minor.