International Sales & Account Management

In today's rapidly changing world and given the continual growth of international trade, the role played by sales is becoming increasingly complex. The development of sales techniques and the personal training of conversation, presentation and negotiation skills have been a priority for many years. In-depth training continues to be important, but in an international environment, the perspective has changed.

Knowledge and skills training

In order to make the right choices in an international environment, you need to understand the environment if you are to gain the right perspective. You will also require expertise when it comes to sales strategies and making organisational decisions.
This minor provides you with knowledge of major sales processes within a commercial environment and provides training on skills and techniques to influence those processes. The minor therefore consists of 2 levels:

  • the knowledge and insights needed to create a commercial sales toolkit and an account plan as a basis for commercial negotiations
  • training in essential personal skills for successful personal selling, and training in professional negotiation skills within a commercial environment

At the end of the minor, you will be able to:

  1. outline a sales or international sales and account strategy
  2. develop a successful personal selling process and respond effectively to counter arguments
  3. create a professional sales toolkit and account plan
  4. negotiate at a professional level

During the minor, you will be working in small project groups with students from different countries and with different backgrounds.
The minor consists of 2 separate 10-week periods, 30 ECTs in total. The different periods will deal with several themes from a commercial sales perspective. Both periods consist of 7 teaching weeks and 3 weeks of exams. The 7 teaching weeks revolve around 1 major project on behalf of a real company in which you will implement the knowledge you have learned in class in a practice-based assignment.

The minor forms part of the Bachelor of Entrepreneurship and Retail Management study programme at the Avans School of Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Innovation in ’s-Hertogenbosch.