International Finance

Exchange programme

In the International Finance programme you acquire in-depth knowledge of several challenging aspects of the international financial market: financial reporting and financial statement analysis, international risk as well as budgeting in order to understand corporate finance. This is a challenging and exciting programme with students from all over the world.


This exchange programme is open to any interested and hard-working student with an interest in finance, accounting and economics and a curiosity about applying these themes to international companies. You need to have an entrepreneurial and research attitude and you need good English language skills (listening, reading, speaking and writing) to help you successfully finish this programme.

Learning objectives

  • Arranging, maintaining and advising on the planning and control cycle of the organisation, in order to realise and adapt the strategy of the organisation
  • Creating and advising on internal and external financial an other reports, taking into account the applicable laws and regulations, such as the International Financial Reporting Standards
  • Analysing, interpreting and advising on reports and the organisation of administrative processes
  • Interpreting foreign exchange market intricacies, parity conditions, currency derivatives as well as transaction, translation and operating exposures.
  • Assessing all kinds of risk and learning to take the right decisions to maintain short-tem and long-term profitability
  • Strengthening the level of assurance of financial reports for the financial professional in the assurance function

This programme is part of the Bachelor of Finance & Control (international) at the Avans School of International Studies in Breda.