Avans graduates do well on the job market

The HBO Monitor shows once again that alumni are generally satisfied with their education at Avans University of Applied Sciences. The former students indicate that they would choose the same degree programme again in most cases. They also often find suitable employment shortly after graduating. Many students view their degree programme as valuable preparation for the job market.

HBO-Monitor 2023 Avans Hogeschool

Study programmes and teachers remain key to success

The HBO Monitor is an annual survey that provides insight into the employment status of recent higher professional education graduates. This year’s survey comprised students who entered the job market, in some cases having graduated during the pandemic. Overall, three quarters of the Avans alumni look back on their degree programme with satisfaction.

No less than 78% of respondents were satisfied with their teachers, compared to a national average of 70%. This rating and many other figures from the survey (in Dutch) are comparable with last year’s results. Avans once again generally scored higher than the national average.

Smooth transition further enhanced

The survey respondents were optimistic, which may be linked to the tight job market. Unemployment (3.2%) therefore has a scant effect on this group. Graduates of the Associate Degree programmes and from the education sector are the quickest to secure employment. After graduating, 93% of Avans alumni managed to find a job within three months.

Alumni clearly feel that their degree programme successfully prepared them for the job market, and 78% would enrol in the same programme again (compared to a national average of 73%).

About the HBO Monitor

The HBO Monitor is a long-term survey among recent graduates of universities of applied sciences, carried out by the Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market (ROA). Nearly 23,000 of the alumni who were invited to complete the survey this year did so, including more than 1,900 former Avans students. These are alumni who graduated between 1 September 2021 and 31 August 2022.