Short statement by Avans+ for the EenVandaag broadcast

During the week of October 23, EenVandaag is broadcasting three reports on the Avans+ training programme that included Indonesian nurses. The last report will be Friday, October 27. We regret the fact that not every aspect of the organisation of the training programme went as planned, and that some students have been affected as a result.

We would like to express sincere understanding for the emotion shown and experiences shared by the student who was interviewed for the show, and for what other students have experienced in this regard. They had different expectations in terms of their study programme and stay in the Netherlands and we are truly sorry to hear that.

We were also taken aback by a number of matters discussed on the show, of which we had been unaware until now. And at the same time we do not identify with every single statement made on air. More about this can be found in the detailed content statement 

On behalf of the Avans+ Executive Board