Earthquake in Syria and Turkey

We are all deeply moved by the consequences of the earthquake in Syria and Turkey. Although the scale of this disaster is barely imaginable, we are aware of the extent of the impact. So we would like to express our sympathies to the victims, their families and other people affected.

Our thoughts are with the Avans students and staff who have loved ones in the disaster area. We are thinking of all the people living in uncertainty about the fate of their family and friends. And of those who have lost loved ones. We have a sense of involvement also because of our long history of cooperation with various educational institutions and other partners.

If any student needs assistance, you can of course go to Student Support. Both in person in the reception areas in Breda (HA023) and Den Bosch (OE002), and online. Staff members can turn to their supervisor. We would ask those who are setting up aid operations to let us know. Avans will be happy to make a contribution.