Avans in number 1 spot in Keuzegids hbo: students value atmosphere and quality

Students of Avans University of Applied Sciences appreciate the atmosphere in the study programmes and the expertise of the lecturers. This was announced by the Keuzegids Hbo 2023 guide, which was published today. Students have given high ratings to Avans for many years. This year Avans once again heads the rankings of major universities of applied sciences.


A tremendous achievement, in the view of board chairman Philippe Raets: “We can feel very proud. Especially in the light of the transition Avans is going through, with all the changes to our teaching and our organisation. It shows we’re on the right track. We’re all doing this together.” It’s also great that our students value our teaching staff so highly for their expertise and knowledge of professional practice. That’s a fine compliment, something to be proud of. And I endorse it wholeheartedly. At Avans we are always approachable and we guide you through the steps you take during your study programme.”

Ambition 2025 - a big operation

With Ambition 2025, Avans is working towards giving students more flexibility in setting up their studies: students construct their own learning path that best suits their personal learning goals. Cooperation with professionals in the field is becoming more important too. Today’s students perhaps don’t really notice it yet, but a big operation is under way behind the scenes.

“Together with the staff, students and professionals we are devoting ourselves to achieving these ambitions. The satisfaction with the atmosphere here and the quality of our teaching says something about the agility and resilience of Avans, as well as of the students themselves,” says Executive Board member Sarah Wilton. “We are all working hard and with dedication for our students: from schedulers to lecturers, from teacher/researchers to personnel advisors, we do our work for the benefit of the students!”

Higher score

This year, Avans tops the Keuzegids hbo rankings for the 11th successive year. Windesheim University of Applied Sciences is in second place. Both institutions score one point more than last year, so Avans remains three points ahead of Windesheim. “That increase is remarkable”, says Jacomine Ravensbergen, Vice-Chair of the Avans Executive Board. “After all, the Keuzegids is based on the academic year 2021-22, at the height of the Covid pandemic. It shows yet again that the wellbeing of our students takes priority at Avans.”

In the words of the Keuzegids hbo higher education guide: “Avans excels in particular in the fields of Economics and Business, and Behavioural and Social Sciences. But study programmes in other fields are also highly rated, such as Civil Engineering and the AD programme in Communication in Den Bosch and Chemical Engineering in Breda. As many as 26 study programmes at Avans have been awarded the status of ‘top study programme’.”

Independent guide

The Keuzegids hbo 2023 is an independent guide that assesses and compares the quality of all study programmes in higher professional education in the Netherlands. The aim of the Keuzegids is to provide prospective students with relevant information, enabling them to make informed choices.