St. Joost Art Fair raises 11,000 euros for Ukraine

The organisers of the art fair to raise money for Ukraine are very pleased with the proceeds of over 11,000 euros, which – as icing on the cake – will be doubled by Avans. The idea for the fair came from the St. Joost School of Art & Design.

The fair, which was held last week in Breda, attracted hundreds of visitors and involved more than 80 artists and designers. It was organised by five students from the Photography, Film & the Digital programme at St. Joost and featured works donated by students, staff, faculty and alumni. The total proceeds of 22,000 euros will go to the Red Cross and a number of other causes.

Executive Board Chair Philippe Raets: “At Avans, we’re seeing all kinds of campaigns and initiatives by staff and students to offer a helping hand to those affected by the conflict in Ukraine. We support these efforts wholeheartedly. That’s why the Executive Board has decided to double the proceeds of the art fair.”

Varied offering

Most of the works sold at the fair were produced in the academy’s workshops, making for a highly varied offering: there were photo prints, ceramics, card sets, books, jewellery and illustrated self-portraits, and visitors could even buy special film screenings. The fair not only attracted lots of local residents, but it also brought students and staff together, creating a sense of connection and sparking mutual interest.
St. Joost Dean René Bosma had this to say: “This initiative touches on the core of what St. Joost stands for. Our core values are: ‘We Care, We Create, We Connect’. With that in mind, and driven by our shared passion for art and design, we are doing our part to help during this terrible time for Ukraine.”