HBO Monitor Avans alumni doing well, but experiencing the effects of the pandemic

This year’s HBO Monitor shows that alumni of Avans University of Applied Sciences who graduated in 2018-2019 are doing well: 92% found a job within three months after graduation, before the start of the pandemic. Most alumni are satisfied with their job (75%) and indicate that it fits their level of education (79%). But the Monitor also reveals that the 2018-2019 cohort is experiencing the negative effects of the pandemic.

Negative effects of the coronavirus pandemic

Almost half of the respondents (47%) indicate that their work situation was better before the pandemic, while 33% feel that it was easier to find a suitable job before the start of the crisis.

Satisfaction with programme and lecturers

The HBO Monitor also shows that the alumni look back positively on their studies at Avans, as Avans scores above the national average across the board. The figures are similar to last year’s results: 76% are generally satisfied with their study programmes (national average: 69%), and 80% would enrol in the same programme again (national average: 73%). Furthermore, 68% believe that their programmes provided them with a solid foundation for entering the labour market (national average: 65%). Finally, 77% are satisfied with Avans’ lecturers (national average: 68%).

About the HBO Monitor

The HBO Monitor is a longitudinal study among recent graduates of universities of applied sciences in The Netherlands, carried out by the Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market (ROA). Nearly 26,681 of the alumni who were approached this year completed the HBO Monitor, including 1,971 former Avans students. They filled in the survey roughly eighteen months after graduation, while the Netherlands was in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.