Industrial Engineering & Management full-time hbo

Career opportunities

As a Bachelor of Engineering, you will be able to work anywhere in the world. In aviation, shipping, energy or infrastructure. For commercial or non-profit companies. For example, you could lead a maintenance team. Or work as a maintenance consultant responsible for maintaining a refinery, power plant or wind farm. Your career prospects will be excellent.

In a number of sectors, the demand for maintenance experts is growing. They are needed in ever increasing numbers. Due to technical developments and the recession. The Netherlands is also continuing to attract a lot of attention in this area, and deliberately so. We are happy to be at the forefront of maintenance.

You will be sure to find a challenging job quickly. You can go and work with aeroplanes at airports. With solar panels. Drilling rigs. Water treatment plants. Or medical equipment.

Potential Careers

  • Maintenance Consultant
    For companies that have outsourced maintenance (knowledge).
  • Maintenance Manager
    Head of a maintenance department within a (production) company.
  • (Assistant) Project Manager
    Large-scale installation maintenance is often carries out in a project-based manner. This is the case with refineries and power plants, for example. These big jobs often involve hundreds of (outside) people.
  • Reliability Engineer
    Optimisation of maintenance and management programmes.
  • Asset Manager
    An asset manager is responsible for the lifespan of a production resource (asset). Its acquisition, introduction and, finally, removal determine this lifespan. Together with the maintenance of the asset.