Strategic Business Decisions

Exchange programme

The environment in which organisations function is constantly changing. This means that, in order to survive, organisations must evolve and keep on evolving. This process involves taking strategic decisions that have an impact not only on the whole organisation, but also on stakeholders outside the organisation.

Just as things like strategic marketing decisions taken within an organisation have an impact on other disciplines, such as finance, management & HRM, within that organisation, today’s corporations can no longer operate in isolation from our environment purely in the interests of shareholders. The decisions taken within organisations reflect not only the values of that organisation, but of society as a whole. These and other issues will be dealt with during the course.

The main learning objective of this course is that you will have an understanding of organisations’ strategic decision-making processes and the forces influencing these decisions. You will learn that decisions made at a corporate level will only be successful if they are translated into actions at divisional and operational levels within the organisation. You will come to understand that these actions must be carefully managed and the progress monitored. During the group project work, you will be able to simulate the taking of strategic decisions within an organisation and see the effect of your actions. In addition to a profit orientation, this course pays special attention to people and planet.

In this course, the leading idea is ‘synthesis’ defined as the use of Strategic Marketing, Finance, and Management & HRM to solve several cases presented during the course. In addition to this, you will be exposed to Master Class topics and will be prepared to enter the Labour Market by working on personal skills.
In the SBD course you must demonstrate that you have achieved the following objectives:

• You understand the interdependence of the different disciplines within an organisation.
• You are aware of the importance of taking a balanced approach to strategic decisions.
• You understand the interdependence between the different levels within organisations and the possible synergies that can be obtained from the proper management of organisational change.
• In addition to this, you will be able to assess the financial impact of organisational change.
• You are aware of the importance of finding a balance between profit, people and planet in a business context.

The minor is part of the International Business programme at Avans University of Applied Sciences in Breda.