Leadership, Sustainability and Business

Exchange programme

Doing business the traditional way is coming to an end. The only certainty nowadays is uncertainty. Companies no longer have to add shareholder value: they have to add stakeholder value.

The Leadership, Sustainability and Business programme is organised around the question: ‘What do you do when you don’t know what to do?’

As a participant, you must prepare to embrace uncertainty. You will challenge the existing business models from the perspectives of personal leadership, inclusiveness and sustainable thinking. And you will develop new ones to make a meaningful contribution to the 21st-century embedded economy. Learn to make a difference and become a game changer.

Project-based learning

This programme is entirely project-based. This means you should not expect lectures, exams, schedules and teachers telling you what to do. You must be comfortable with uncertainty – or be willing to learn it.

Coaches will support you in creating your own learning strategies, guide you through your learning process and act as sparring partners. You are fully accountable for your own learning process.

Possible themes to explore

  • Planetary economy: challenging the models of endless growth
  • Re-thinking corporate strategies for a sustainable and equitable future
  • Transforming economic thinking towards sustainable development
  • Personal footprint: create your own model for a positive societal and environmental impact
  • Impact investment for both financial return and social and environmental good
  • Multiple value creation and social enterprising

This programme is part of the Bachelor of Business Administration at the School of Economics and Business Management in Breda.