Interdisciplinary Consultancy

Exchange programme

Interdisciplinary Consultancy helps you become a top consultant in your specialist field. This programme is the perfect fit for you if you enjoy helping others, sharing knowledge and want to find out how organisations work.

Future-proof consultancy skills

Thinking outside the box and putting forward innovative ideas and creative solutions have become essential elements of consultancy work. This programme gives you the opportunity to acquire these skills as part of a multidisciplinary team. Together, you will collaborate on a case submitted by students or a real-world business assignment. This involves a project or research assignment in which you both provide sound interdisciplinary advice and implement it.

Interdisciplinary teamwork

By studying a problem and its solution using an interdisciplinary approach that involves a variety of disciplines, you learn how to develop innovative ideas as part of a team. The skills you acquire as a team member on this project are vital in your future role as a consultant.

This programme is part of the Bachelor of Business IT and Management at the School of Engineering and ICT in Breda.