European Design Project Semester

Exchange programme

The European Design Project Semester (EDPS) is an international higher education semester for third year students of Industrial Design, Engineering or other educational domains.

You are interested in working on a real-life project relating to product design, user-friendly interfaces and multi-media. The EDPS semester programme is part of the international study and exchange programme of the School of Engineering and Information Technology at Avans University of Applied Sciences in ‘s Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands.

Who is it for

Higher education students  from all countries all over the world are welcome to apply. If you are a student of an EU educational institution, you may apply for an Erasmus grant. If an exchange agreement is in place between your university and Avans the programme is free of charge. Otherwise the standard tuition fees will apply.  

EDPS in Europe

EDPS is an offshoot of the European Project Semester, which was originally developed by the Engineering College of Copenhagen in 1995 and has run at Avans since autumn 2002. In addition to Avans the EDPS programme is also offered by a growing number of European universities. For a full list of participating universities visit Please note that some universities offer the programme during autumn, some during spring, and some during both semesters.

The programme

The European Design Project Semester is a semester-long programme worth 30 ECTS. You will be introduced to subjects concerning working on a project and working on a multi national, multi‐disciplinary team. This will then be applied to a real-life project in a real company. The European Design Project Semester resembles the EPS programme in structure, but focuses more on course topics and real-life projects relating to industrial design. All semester project work and lectures will be in English, and lessons in English are part of the programme.

You will gain first-class experience by working on a real-life project with fellow students from different countries and different educational backgrounds. Your English will improve and you will make a lot of new international friends.


On successful completion of the EDPS you will receive a special certificate.

The minor is part of the Industrial Engineering and Management bachelor programme at the Avans School of Engineering and Information Technology in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.