Environmental Geography

Exchange programme

Planet Earth is not a limitless sphere on which our ever-growing population can live and work. This means we must ask ourselves how we can organise and plan our spatial demands in such a way that both human society and nature can continue to flourish. By joining Environmental Geography, you will help create a map for the future.

The programme

The goal of Environmental Geography is to combine the 3 subjects of Environment, Geography and Information Technology to give you a better understanding of the interaction between human societies and nature. You will learn to literally put the environment on the map.

The programme has an international focus, which is reflected, for example, in the field work that is part of it. If you are an exchange student from a European university, you will take part in 2 weeks of field work in the Dutch dunes. After that, all participating students will have the opportunity to pay a 2-week visit to Helsinki, Finland.

Online education

Another key feature of Environmental Geography is its virtual set-up. All knowledge exchange, presentations, assignments, quizzes and interaction with you can take place online. You will watch instructional videos, use online testing tools, complete digital assignments and interact using social media, such as Facebook and Skype. This means you do not necessarily have to come to class to take this programme.

Environmental Geography is part of the Environmental Science for Sustainable Energy and Technology programme at the Avans School of Life Sciences and Environmental Technology in Breda.