Coronavirus update: 16 March: AMX cancelled and other new measures concerning the coronavirus

The health of students, staff and visitors is a top concern for Avans University of Applied Sciences, which is why we are closely monitoring and sharing developments with regard to coronavirus. Please read our latest update on coronavirus.

On 16 March the crisis team took the following decisions concerning the coronavirus.
Binding study recommendation (BSR)

The basic position is that the current BSR guidelines are to be maintained for the time being. If necessary, the examination board can seek a custom solution. If it is not possible to resume the regular education in buildings until later than 13 April, the examination board will review this basic position. 

AMX cancelled

The Avans Multidisciplinary Experience has been cancelled. The AMX was to have started on 6 April. In view of all the developments, it is anticipated that the AMX will not be able to take place in the following weeks either. In the coming week, the AMX Steering Committee, in consultation with the schools and study programmes concerned, will consider the possibilities for an AMX week at a later time. 

Job interviews

Job interviews can be conducted as scheduled. If this can be done digitally (the second round interviews, for example), this is the preferred method. Otherwise, the interviews can take place in one of the open Avans buildings. In that case, please let the reception know in advance. This can be done over the phone. Be sure to follow the hygiene measures, and make sure the applicant is aware of them as well.

Professor Cobbenhagelaan Tilburg: 088 - 525 7120
Onderwijsboulevard Den Bosch: 088 - 525 6104
Hogeschoollaan Breda: 088 - 525 7005
Mill-Hillplein Roosendaal: 088 - 525 5800 

Password recovery

Employees must regularly change their password. That can only be done within the walls of Avans. As all buildings are now closed to regular use, we are extending the deadline for the mandatory change of passwords. Password recovery is not necessary until the Avans buildings are open again.  

Phishing mail

Internet criminals are taking full advantage of the corona crisis. All kinds of phishing mails are circulating. For example, some of these fake e-mails look like they were sent by the RIVM or providers of assistance with digital education. Be on guard! 

Equipment for working from home

Would you like to use equipment such as your monitor or office chair at home? Contact your school or the support office. We will put together a list of the needs for each department or school. Colleagues from DIF will disassemble/disconnect the equipment, and as soon as this is done they will make an appointment so you can pick it up.

New update 15 March Corona measures at Avans extended until 6 April

This afternoon, the government announced new measures against the spread of the coronavirus. For Avans, the following aspect was particularly important: the measures affecting higher education have been extended until Monday 6 April. 

The earlier decisions of the crisis team, which were valid until 31 March, have now all been extended until 6 April. This means that no education will take place in Avans buildings until that date. 6 April also applies to other decisions, such as travel and residing abroad.

Closure of schools and childcare

The closure of schools and day care facilities announced today may have consequences for Avans employees. The crisis team is studying the best way to deal with this. For the time being, we advise employees to combine the care for their children as much as possible with their work for Avans. Discuss this with your manager. More information will follow later this week.

Critical professional groups

The government has stipulated that some parents or carers will be able to make use of childcare facilities at their own school or care facility in the coming period, so that they can help keep the community running. This applies to people with so-called crucial professions. The list of these professions also includes teachers and staff needed at school, for example, for distance learning. Employees who wish to make use of this can arrange this directly with their own school or childcare centre.

Update 15 March: new foreign guidelines

The coronavirus has the world in its grip. The situation around us is constantly changing. Countries are taking various, far-reaching measures that affect society and, for example, aviation. This also has an impact on our students abroad and foreign students at Avans University of Applied Sciences. The coronavirus crisis team has therefore taken a number of new decisions. These decisions are effective immediately and until further notice.

Ban on outbound travel

All education related outbound travel for staff and students, including internships, is forbidden. Regardless of the travel advice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including colour codes green and yellow.

Urgent advice to return, not obligatory

Students and staff who are in areas that are colour-coded orange or red by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are urgently advised to return to the Netherlands. It is not an obligation, unless new guidelines from RIVM, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the local authorities in that country give reason to do so.

This urgent advice does not apply to students and staff who are located in areas that are assigned the colour codes green and yellow by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. However, if a student decides to return anyway, or has doubts about this, for example because the student sees obstacles, they are requested in any case to contact the International Office of Avans and also the contact person of the study programme.

If the student decides to stay, they must:
- follow up the measures taken by the local authorities.
- monitor the security situation on the ground.
- monitor the health care situation on the ground.
- keep in touch with the International Office of Avans:
International Office: 088 - 525 80 01 (Monday to Friday) or
International emergency number: +31 (0)76 532 0972 (also for outside office hours).

Foreign students at Avans

Foreign students who study with Avans as an exchange student for a shorter period (minor) can return to their own educational institution or country of origin, if they wish. The same applies to double degree students who study here for 1 or 2 years. The student must coordinate this with his / her own educational institution (for example in the event of an exchange). Return is at their own expense. There is now no obligation or an urgent need to return.

For foreign students who are following a 4-year course of study at Avans (and for whom Avans is their own educational institution) there is no urgent reason to return to their own country.