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Henning Breuer

Henning Breuer

Presentation: Value-based innovation management

Human and company values can be used as sources and drivers for innovation. Sustainability-orientation and social responsibility, as well as the values of privacy, safety, equity and tolerance, qualify as relevant drivers for innovation within and across organisations. Reframing future scenarios, ethnographic research and business modelling techniques, powerful methods are described to realise ideals by the means of business.

About Henning Breuer

Prof. Henning Breuer is founder of UXBerlin - Innovation Consulting and Professor of Business and Media Psychology at the University of Applied Sciences of Media, Communication and Business in Berlin, Germany. His academic research and consulting work for corporate clients from automotive, internet and telecommunication focuses on innovation management, business anthropology and customer research.

For Deutsche Telekom Innovation Laboratories he developed user-driven innovation and futures research capabilities, and worked on new business models, future scenarios and ethnographic research. He has served as a visiting professor at Waseda University in Tokyo and at the University of Chile in Santiago.

Maurits Groen

Maurits Groen

Presentation: Business beyond CSR

The idea of sustainable enterprise will have disappeared in 25 years. Any business that does not consider it part of its everyday operations by that time will have lost its license to operate and, hence, have disappeared.

About Maurits Groen

Maurits Groen is Director of MGMC and founder and CEO of WakaWaka. This company offers people without electricity access to sustainable and affordable energy solutions. As an activist entrepreneur, Maurits is committed to help find solutions to environmental and development issues. He is an initiator of sustainable coalitions and founder of sustainable businesses. Maurits ranked first in Dutch daily newspaper Trouw's Sustainable 100 in 2015.

Hans van Kranenburg

Hans van Kranenburg

Presentation: The challenging road towards new business models

The development of new business models is not always a smooth ride. Its success not only depends on the organisation itself but also on the legal and sociopolitical climate in which the organisation operates. What can the organisation do?

About Hans van Kranenburg

Prof. Hans van Kranenburg is full professor of Corporate Strategy at Radboud University Nijmegen, Nijmegen School of Management, the Netherlands. He is head of the Strategic Management group at the department of Business Administration.

Hans has published on strategic behaviour of organisations, industry dynamics, alliances and networks, foreign direct investments and non-market strategies. He is also an expert in media management and economics. Furthermore, he has advised companies such as publishing houses and chemical companies on strategic and anti-trust issues. Hans is a member of the editorial board of a number of leading academic publications and has published extensively in books and international journals.

Coert Zachariasse

Coert Zachariasse

Presentation: Building circular business

Over the past 10 years Delta Development Group has integrated C2C inspired designs, materials and circular business models in its real estate projects. Coert will present these cases and the underlying success factors that have driven change and have enabled Delta to build its current portfolio of C2C inspired projects.

About Coert Zachariasse

Coert Zachariasse RA is the owner of Delta Development Group and consultant at Zachariasse Consulting.

Delta Development Group is a leading circular real estate developer and investor in the Netherlands. As its owner, Coert Zachariasse has emerged as a pioneer in the field of Cradle to Cradle® office space development. In 2013 he was ranked number 1 in ABN AMRO's Sustainable 50 in Dutch Real Estate. More recently, Fortune Magazine named him one of the 'World's Top 25 Eco-Innovators'.