lectoraat integrale veiligheid

Integrated Safety and Security Management

This research group focuses on a fascinating but unruly domain: the fringes of society. This includes marginalised groups such as prostitutes, travellers, homeless people, youth at risk and multi-problem families.

These people usually live in areas that already face a variety of social problems such as long-term unemployment, poor housing, problematic educational backgrounds, unhealthy lifestyles or crime. They often feel abandoned by the authorities and consequently feel free, challenged or compelled to find their own solutions.

Our researchers join forces with professionals who work with these marginalised people to develop methods to reach out to them. The methodological expertise of our research group lies in action research. This type of research is characterised as an intensive learning and searching process for both the researcher and researched. It is a process that involves action learning, learning to act and developing knowledge while improving the social reality and increasing the capacity to act of the professionals concerned.

Dr Sjaak Khonraad is Professor of Integrated Safety and Security Management.

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