4 November was a day full of interesting and informative presentations. Interested business parties from outside the organisation as well as employees, lecturers and students from Avans University of Applied Sciences, Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences attended the Second Conference New Generation Business Models. Participants were able to attend presentations and 13 interactive workshops given by keynote speakers, professors and external speakers.

We have now received all the available presentations and contributions to share with those who attended the Second Conference New Generation Business Models. The conference video is available below. Also have a look at the photos as a reminder of the day and to see if you missed anything.

 Keynote speaker presentations

  • Value-based innovation management, Henning Breuer
  • Building circular business,  Coert Zachariasse
  • The challenging road towards new business models, Hans van Kranenburg

    Prof Hans van Kranenburg, professor of Corporate Strategy at Radboud University Nijmegen, gave a keynote speech in which he addressed the shared values that are crucial for the development of new business models. He stressed that we all think and act within a context that is familiar to us. This framework within which our thoughts and actions take place means that we look at the world from a familiar perspective, namely our own. We only see what we know. This frame of thought limits us in finding solutions for contemporary problems. In this rapidly changing world, we need flexibility and a mindset that enables us to think outside our own framework. This mindset is crucial in developing new business models. Prof Van Kranenburg gave an example from the world of journalism. Today’s computers are able to write their own articles, using input that they retrieve from social media and other sources on the internet. The computers work on the basis of a defined algorithm which makes it possible for them to write articles that can rival those of flesh-and-blood journalists.

    Prof Van Kranenburg indicated that we need stakeholder firms with shared values in order to develop new business models. The strategy of the firm remains important, but an even more important factor is the dialogue that we maintain with each other, within and outside the organisation.

    “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” - Albert Einstein

Workshop presentations

More information is available on the conference page.